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The Day The Facebook Went Down

Pilot had been dreading this moment for years.

A strange and unsettling day, according to Stephen Colbert.

Pilot had been dreading this moment for years. The date and precise nature of the moment, like death, was unknown in advance. When it occurred it did not at first occur as propitious. Nor did it occur as a particularly happy day, nor on a known holiday, besides being a Monday, known for weekly journaling planning, “Holy” calm day for pilots. Usually Pilot avoided contact with People on Mondays.

This Monday about half way into his morning, the part where he’d sat at his desk for at least ten minutes and no more than an hour when he went to complete online re-registration of a few of his newest items, 7 or 8 in the new Novella 260 lineup, the browser wouldn’t load the facebook and we looked the other way.

“Well,” thought Pilot at the time, “that makes one fewer onerous and annoying time draining tasks on my list today, “good.”

That said he returned to attempting to liaise thoughts in moments from many moments in time, not to mention three quite different platforms into on propitious new book, which in turn took housing to at least a dozen more, at least. Still, it was only the ten digits of his elevator to express that in that he has, and only such tools and primitive if not primordial compositional encampments as exist today in hard reality today. Pilot, for the most part, worked on his own at this time.

Pilot’s mission, getting back on his home timeline, required that he do that thing you’re NEVER supposed to do as a time traveler, which is, of course, NEVER “alter the timeline!’

Pilot however, being from the future and trapped here now due to accidental circumstances some half a century earlier had every advantage that innocence can provide but little in the way of worldly know-how. And he knew ‘altering’ the timeline was / is not only what s/he must do but all along, in fact what his mission is.

He did however have yet a residual desire to revisit said timeline and he wasn’t certain he wanted much else, therefore in his career he has put a lot of time into documentation in an attempt to capture the gestalt of the period he was from, before, and employs his meditations on hegemonic melody phrase i.e. harmonic language frequency and the use of Canadian French and English in a verbally articulated language structure.

For Pilot, this meant he had faced looking deadlines and made some inroads with locating and beginning the combining of various text, art and strategy into finished, promoted and printed pieces: Now was when the PR Moment existed with the primordial call for Something Better, wasn’t it?

Something Better was absolutely up Pilot’s alley, and here he was with his pants half on! Just as he’d known for years, at the precise critical moment of greatest opportunity, he was not ready!

All wasn’t lost, however.

In reality, Pilot’s actual calendar schedule stuck to an idea he was simply massaging the “lid” into place, and me would have an adequate one soon, this month even.

And moments can be milked, and would be, for some time, he was pretty sure, meanwhile there was a field of young soccer players ahead of him, a pair of teenage women walking by, kicking a ball was well as a field of lacrosse players behind him to the right. Further behind her could hear the sounds of younger players in the distance, up the hill from here.

He envied them their pleasure in motion and physical connection in the moment of playing sport well and having fun in it, then he returned to enjoying the thrill of watching the lacrosse players in play.

When play ceased he had merely to turn his head to watch this.

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Published by Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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