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BMW key distinction Performing or Acting One is authentic, one is not, comedyBWW survey, snapshot PEAKAnd: Seeing vs Looking TEPCorollary Listening, hearing + speaking or expressingPEAK Holistic Survey

Pilot did not know for certain how well he was doing at staying on course. But, with access to his instrumentation, he was becoming more and more clear on how to distinguish his course.

It all had to do with distinctions. For instance, the commitment versus attachment distinction was one he had done a fair amount of early research on. Today, however, he saw beyond even that (big) distinction. He was sensing some rather important, sometimes subtle, often subtle; yet decisive distinctions, around himself.

These new distinctions (for they were unknown behest instructions that were long forgotten). The first one of these was Performing versus Acting.

Pilot had noticed for a while now that his face was not always the same and did not always appear to be directly following his instructions to it. For instance, when he was in a crowded space, he often felt it difficult to smile broadly. Instead, the curves at the corners of his mouth would turn up rather tightly and his teeth would appear to be clenched, rather more menacingly than invitingly. When he was attempting to smile in such conditions he also noticed that his overall express felt forced and sometimes even, wooden; that is, it stayed in one place and did not have its normal fluidity of movement.

Another one

Published by Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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